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the bf if he ever walked in on me snikette and gothambeat having a threesome 


and to think i was gonna break up with him over something stupid like potential long distance

that’s a keeper


Laura Kinney!

(It feels like I haven’t drawn her in forever ;_;)



my itinerary for comikaze looks like this:

  • thursday: DISNEYLAND
  • friday: photoshoot for gothambeat,  and then mockingbird and black widow for day 1, then halloween in hollywood
  • saturday: angel and psylocke for day 2 of comikaze and santa monica pier
  • sunday: huntress and robin for day 3 and whatever california goodness i can fit in for gothambeat

and if any of you are going to comikaze don’t be afraid to say hi!


I’m so fucking excited. FIRST TIME IN CALI, DOIN’ IT RIGHT UP

you guys forgot to add getting arrested in there


drawing my favorite helmet heads to lift the spirits and boost morale


marvel comics meme: 5/10 characters  ♒  Laura Kinney (X-23)

I am a different person. I understand…choice.. now.


you know imdb is also like a professional thing, like casting directors can log in and find out your info and this is basically your resume so like what if james cameron or martin scorsese call chris evans and is like yes captain little-ass, i would like to hire you for this part