To Name It
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so….  snikette and gothambeat are gonna be aunts


Fear Itself: The Deep #1-4


Find your mark and Make it

Merida 2014

Cosplay by GothamBeat

Photo by Jamie Meadows

Found some more photos, hope you guys like it!

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RACHEL GREY / sketch portrait


Friday afternoon post-it doodles. So borrred … let me go home so I can draw properly already, please. :(


Laura Kinney, X-23, was suggested to me for Suggestion Saturday. I REALLY like Laura, I think she’s a great character. Her solo book written by Marjorie Liu is one of my favorite Marvel books. I wanted to draw her laughing, which is something she doesn’t seem to do as much as I would hope =P But yes, Laura. The second one, is a silly idea I sketched up 20 minutes ago, thinking it’d be adorable and I should draw more bits like that Captain Mini Marvel. Here’s a frisky X-mini-23, filled with pickles and beets!

I got a new pencil today, and I’m in love with it! It’s a Caran d’Ache sanguine colored pencil, which I used in both of these and didn’t bother erasing all my construction lines. Inks are with Kuretake brush pens and of course, it’s all drawn on Stillman and Birn Delta paper. These 2 images are actually on the same cut of paper.


Sketch commission for mattfrack!

Matt is the most gentle and patient client (and friend) one could ask for. I really messed up, because I took his commissions over the time I was moving to another city and school started and I also procrastinated, but he kept on telling me it’s alright. :’)
Thank you so much for not giving up on me and thank you for this really cute commission, it was so much fun!


the bf if he ever walked in on me snikette and gothambeat having a threesome 


and to think i was gonna break up with him over something stupid like potential long distance

that’s a keeper


Laura Kinney!

(It feels like I haven’t drawn her in forever ;_;)