To Name It

Well, Hazmat. You are wrong. They did accept her. It was only in one issue where a few of the kids, mostly Surge, were angry about her being in X-Force. (And even then Surge was mostly mad because Laura didn’t come to them and tell them so they could somehow help her get out of it. Surge is.. Well, Surge)

I am tired of people and writers completely dismissing this. The New X-Men were her friends. I’m all up for Laura making new ones, but to always dismiss this is just so annoying.

This is Josh Foley. Her friend. Josh is in comic limbo right now, but he is her friend. If anything, I’m kind of shocked people don’t ship them or whatever.

"Laura, I don’t know why you’re doing this… But I don’t care what they said, clone or not, you’re real. Listen to me, I—I didn’t want to be involved in this, I didn’t want to know or even come, but now I know why I’m here. To save you. I will never let another friend of mine die again. Please, Laura… Let me try.”

Of course then there is Cessily Kincaid. The ones people sometimes do remember, but the writers don’t. Mercury accepted her right from the start, reached out to her the most.

Then there is Dust. Sooraya Qadir. My problem with her conversation with Laura was not Laura. It was her. She felt out of character to me. Surge had been Sooraya’s roommate originally. She had been very disrespectful towards her beliefs and customs. Then Laura came along and was made her roommate and Laura respected them. Laura even traded places with her when the Purifiers were going to kill her. If that isn’t friendship… So I don’t think Dust would just give Laura an ultimatum like that.

Then of course we have Hellion. Julian Keller. When Julian started out, he was an asshole. We all know this. His creators had based him off of Draco Malfoy. But then he started to lose everything and he met Laura. Yes, he was a jerk at first but it quickly changed. And when she came back from X-Force, he stood by her and defended her. The saddest part about Liu’s X-23 run was that it seemed like the only thing he was clinging onto was the friendship he had with Laura. I could go into detail about all that, but that is another post for another time.

These kids went through an awful thing together. It sort of bonds you one way or another for life.

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